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Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom: Gold Run is a classic parkour game in which you play as a talking tom cat and his friends in a parkour adventure that is a little similar to other classic parkour games, but different from other tom cats because unlike the previous version where you had to take care of your pet tom, in this version you have to run to chase Thieves.So in the game your goal, you must catch a thief, unlike the subway surfing game where you must escape. The game shows Tom in front of his house. Suddenly, he sees a car drive past him with a pile of gold coming out of it. He realizes that the car belongs to the robber and just like that the chase game starts.In this game in each stage, the challenge becomes bigger and bigger, Tom must find this robber and join us here for endless fun.How To Play:Slide your finger left and right to move the character, slide up to jump, and down to slide sideways. With a few simple steps you can avoid all obstacles: trucks, fences, small cars, walls ...... The chase won't be as easy as you think. You must avoid obstacles that block your progress. After a period of chasing, the speed will become faster and the obstacles that block your progress will increase.You must jump to another lane, jump up or crouch down to avoid obstacles. You must use the appropriate method to avoid specific obstacles. If you are touched by any obstacle, you will slow down. or you will need to restart the game.The main goal of the game is to collect gold coins, but some of them may be hidden and not easy to find. Then, with these coins you can upgrade Tom's house. Keep upgrading your house and double your score. In addition, upgrading the house also unlocks new characters.


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Language: English

Times Played: 1727

Date: 2021/9/14

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Talking Tom Gold Run
Talking Tom Gold Run



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