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Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Mystery Mansion is a puzzle survival game that requires nine players to play against each other. In Suspects: Mystery Mansion, there is a fair and competitive environment where you can try many mystery levels with your buddies and discover the real murderer through various details. If you like puzzle games, go play.How to playThe main gameplay is based on puzzle solving, and the game can support up to nine people to play against each other. Each person has a different identity, hide yourself and don't be the next victim. Find out the murderer.Nine players will play against each other wisely, randomly assigning identities and starting the game.The killer needs to get rid of the other critters without revealing his identity.Whenever someone dies, the survivors need to talk and find clues from those wordsSurvivors are assigned tasks and will be punished if you do not complete them in the allotted time.The killer can not be killed in front of others, once witnessed your true identity will be exposed.1. Be careful because one or more random players in the crew are impostors attempting to take out everyone! Originally created as a party game, we recommend playing with friends at LAN parties or online using voice chat2. Win by completing missions to prepare the spaceship or evict all impostors. React quickly to undo impostors' sabotage. Check the management map and security cameras to keep an eye on the rest of the crew. Immediately report any bodies and begin discussions about who the impostors are suspected of being.3. Call an emergency meeting to discuss suspicious behavior. Vote to expel suspected impostors. Dry up crew members and frame bystanders. Pretend to run missions and blend in with the crew. Sneak through vents to move quickly around the ship. Use deliberate sabotage to cause chaos and split the crew.4. Close doors to trap victims and customize: choose colors and hats. Lots of game options: add more impostors, more missions, and more! Find online games quickly from the host list. In-game text chat. Rich discordant integration.


Wildlife Studios

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Language: English

Times Played: 707

Date: 2021/10/21

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Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Suspects: Mystery Mansion



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