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Unlimited terrain, free sharing, open-ended goal pursuit, provide you with a grand world full of creativity.Fully integrating LEGO elements, it has UGC mechanisms such as combat, exploration, production, and construction with a high degree of freedom, allowing you to dig abyss, explore underground palaces, find resources, manufacture, and build grand buildings in the Roblox sandbox world... ...All kinds of player-created designs that are mind-blowing, let you continue to explore, discover, and create in Roblox's play, always full of surprises and motivation!How to Play?1. Create your own room, design the corresponding gameplay yourself, and then invite friends to participate and share your creativity!2. Enter other or shared channels, compete with other players, and experience gameplay created by other players!


Roblox Corporation

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Language: English

Times Played: 19292

Date: 2021/10/8

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