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Welcome to PK XD! PKXD is an open and interactive world! Connect and play with friends for free in a safe environment. Express yourself in many ways and explore new communication ideas!This is a mysterious universe, do you want to explore? Join us to explore and experience something different with millions of people around the world.- To Chat With -The world is yours! In addition to exploration and challenges, you can participate in various activities: ride a float, eat ice cream, boost your spirits, jump higher, and chat with friends in the community!- Pets -In the game, you can adopt your pet. Evolve from a young age, see how far you can evolve? Take care of them and they will always be with you.- Avatar -You can go and create your own identity! Everything here can be arranged and designed to your liking. Come and design your own clothes!- Family -The exquisite 3D animation world brings you a different experience. You can dress up your family and unlock various items in the game. Your imagination is the only limit!- Challenge -PK XD There is always something new! Play mini-games and complete missions in each season. What about running wild or delivering pizza to make money? Enter the game and win all challenges!


PlayKids Inc

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(80%)   of players liked this game

Language: English

Times Played: 1361

Date: 2021-10-20

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