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Mr Love: Queen's Choice

Who will be your soul mate? Mr. love: Queen's choice is a simulation game of romance. It gives the protagonist the opportunity to send email, wechat and call, and develops his career as a media producer.In the world of satisfying superpowers and fantasies, their Roman, love, mystery and conflict bodies have explored their lives and made in-depth contact with four male characters in more than dozens of stories.Voice overIt is said that he speaks in English and Japanese, which can deepen the relationship. What kind of voice do you like about men? It is gentle, lazy, sexy and deep. Mr. love hears the voice of his lover on his mobile phone, which provides a penetrating romanchick experience.Japanese and English can be switched under your command, and well-known sound talents will provide Japanese. Among the actors, there are popular animation sound excellent arrays such as Daisuke hiragawa, Zhiyi Sugata, Yuki Ono and Kawakawa.High quality pictureDo you want to watch the stars with him? Do you concentrate on working with him? Did you see his smile when he saved the dog? Ultra high definition images, hundreds of beautiful paintings, CG records the unforgettable moments between you and me.Mysterious powersMr. AI's world is full of mysterious superpowers. Here, I experienced the unique combination of fantasy and Roman. As the story unfolds, you clarify his identity and your own secrets through dozens of deep stories and passionate romantic simulations.Run your own companyRun your own production studio! Hire employees to produce TV programs (drama, TV series, interview, etc.), need detailed attention and deal with emergencies. Please make your company successful.Talented scientist, firm agent, CEO, popular super idol. You seem to know about him. But you really know His real identity...?


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Language: English

Times Played: 316

Date: 2021/9/29

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Mr Love: Queen's Choice
Mr Love: Queen's Choice



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