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Evony: The King's Return

"Build your cities. Train your troops. Expand your empire. Be the King of 7 kingdoms!All in Evony: The king's Return, the hot real-time strategy MMO of 2021!THE EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND AMAZING SET OF FEATURES:◆ Choose from 7 civilizations to customize your game’s architectural style: American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean, Arabia and Japanese!◆ YOU ARE THE DIPLOMAT! Join a strong Alliance where you can make friends, communicate in real-time via voice and text with auto-translations so you can improve strategies and win epic battles.◆ YOU ARE THE WARLORD! With over four types of troops to select and train from ground-pounding infantry to massive siege engines; fight against your enemies and see the battles happen all around you in real-time on the stunningly animated World Map.◆ YOU ARE THE GOVERNOR! Administrate your cities in your Empire and use your leadership skills in managing resources and research improvements to gain strategic advantages.


TG Inc

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Language: English

Times Played: 683

Date: 2021/11/03

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Evony: The King's Return
Evony: The King's Return



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