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Doodle Jump 2

Doodle Jump is a classic mobile game, and although it's not as famous as Subway Run or Angry Birds, it's one of my favorite mini-games.The gameplay of the game is very simple. Doodle's feet are made of springs and will automatically jump up. You only need to shake the phone to control the direction of Doodle's movement, so that Doodle can step on bricks, props or monsters every time it falls. . Stepping on an item may allow you to sprint for a short distance, or gain a shield buff, etc. If you step on a monster, you can get a higher score. But if you don't step on the monster but touch the monster with your head, then it's game over! Come on, it's a good game!


Lima Sky

Game Rating

(90%)   of players liked this game

Language: English

Times Played: 676

Date: 2021/5/4

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Doodle Jump 2
Doodle Jump 2



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