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Disney Frozen Adventures

Explore and embark on a brand new Frozen adventure that takes you to new locations and familiar places throughout the Frozen world. Play hundreds of trippy games and earn snowflakes to decorate the castle and make it look awesome!Embark on a new puzzle adventure inspired by Frozen and Frozen 2 with Elsa, Anna and Olaf. Play 100 triple elimination puzzles with the help of your favorite characters. Advance through this triple elimination game and explore the world of Frozen! Dive into the adventure of Frozen and discover exciting fun. Play the triple elimination game to design and decorate Frozen's castle and kingdom! Explore new worlds as you play this epic Frozen game!Set in the Kingdom of Arendelle, players help Anna and Elsa explore the world around them. To progress further, the player must acquire snowflakes to help complete entire scenarios, such as playing triple elimination levels in a format similar to Candy Crush Saga, Cookie Jam Blast, or other similar games. The more perfect matches a player makes throughout the game, the more energy boosts he/she will receive throughout the game. Before a player can play, he/she must choose a character to play: Anna, Elsa or Olaf. Whenever the player fills a character's magic, playing as each character, each character performs a different ability by matching light blue crystals as the magic fills.At times, players can use optional boosts throughout the game in case the level becomes difficult. Players can purchase additional gold coins at Arendelle Market or real-world money through gift packs, where players can purchase gold coins and gift packs containing unlimited lives, energy boosts, enhancements, and many other boosts.Once the player has completed each scenario using snowflakes, the player will advance to the next scenario. Each time the player moves on, the scenario becomes more difficult as further tasks require the player to use more than one snowflake to complete the task, and the player will encounter difficult levels with various types of elements further down the level.


Jam City, Inc.

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Language: English

Times Played: 810

Date: 2021/9/14

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Disney Frozen Adventures
Disney Frozen Adventures



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