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Age Of Z Origins

Age of Z Origins is a zombie apocalypse survival type war strategy game. Players return to the era of the spread of the zombie virus to recruit the remaining heroes of mankind, and complete many battle tests on the premise of ensuring that their partners are not infected. At the same time, players must use their own power to forge powerful military weapons, so that the survivors will be armed to fight zombies in the apocalyptic wasteland.Game Features:-The war scene is extremely shocking. Under the action of external pressure, human beings will form an alliance model, and they will try to get through the crisis together;-In the alliance, you have the opportunity to build an extraordinary and domineering army, which can effectively fight against the invasion of zombies with its huge military force;- When the zombies strike, players can start the battle plan freely, and different military forces can be used in the map.



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(80%)   of players liked this game

Language: English

Times Played: 732

Date: 2021/5/21

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Age Of Z Origins
Age Of Z Origins



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